Climbing Gym

We present to your attention the largest climbing gym in Kiev and Ukraine with a total area of ​​more than 1600 m2A climbing wall with a height of 12 m with a variety of planes and difficulty routs categories from 4a to 8b, which can satisfy beginners and professional athletes.

Hyperion Climbing Gym - photo

The climbing wall is divided into several zones:

  • climbing gym with area 1000 м2 and routs categories from 4а to 7б;
  • sport climbing gym with area 200 m2  and routs categories from 6а to 8б;
  • children climbing gym with a hight of 8 m and routs categories from 4а to 6а;
  • bouldering zone with a height of 3 m and area 45 m2;

Small Bouldering Gym - photo

  • big bouldering gym with a height of 4,8 m and total area 400 m2;

Bouldering Gym - photo

  • soft workout zone with Swedish wall and TRX;

Warm Up Zone - photo

  • campusboard, pegboard for training arms and fingers.
Campusboard - photoPegboard - фото

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